Pursue Proper Care for a Child in Need

Pursue Proper Care for a Child in Need

Find a guardianship attorney in Winter Haven, Florida

If an individual is incapable of managing his/her own affairs, a new guardian should be appointed. The Law Office of Dana Y. Moore, LLC can help you with your guardianship concerns. Attorney Moore has experience with:

  • Guardianship petitions
  • Representation for guardianship hearings
  • Guardianship modifications
  • Guardianship validation cases

If you’re interested in petitioning for guardianship in Winter Haven, Florida, call The Law Office of Dana Y. Moore. You’ll get the dedicated support you need for this personal and private legal matter.

When can someone apply for guardianship?

Individuals may file for guardianship if an adult is no longer capable of handling their children, estate and general affairs. A guardian should be appointed for individuals who are suffering from a mental or physical disability or are no longer interested in managing their personal or property interests. Guardianship also comes into play if a child’s parents have passed away.

The Law Office of Dana Y. Moore can help you apply to become a Guardian of the Estate, Guardian of the Person or a General Guardian. Call attorney Moore as soon as possible to begin the application process.